Since there was no other similar venue in A Coruña, being able to carry out this large-scale project is always challenging and fulfilling for the team. The flagship Zara store in A Coruña was a fast moving project which required 50 air conditioning units for the perfect operation of the climate control installation. The two key elements of this installation were: finding solutions to deal with space constraints and without interfering with the design and equipment set up accuracy. Careful consideration was taken as wrong programming in equipment configuration would mean incorrect operation of the whole store. Thus, the installation had to meet the high standards of the architectural design. Arce Clima was able to design an installed control system in which the operation of the installation is controlled from the central control board. A room located in the building which allows to know, at all times, the temperature of each area of the store as well as having overall satisfaction. This is a very important point due to large number of units in the installation as in case of breakdowns, allows for identifying the error.
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