We offer a comprehensive service in order to guarantee absolute accuracy at your installations. We cover any requirement made which allows us optimize time and resources when it comes to tackling maintenance works.

Our large fleet or service vans are able to attend minor moves, changes and emergency breakdowns at short notice. Many of our long-term clients have strict and critical response times. That is why we can provide employees to work permanently on premises.

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Within the maintenance actions we carry out, there are:

  • Legal technical maintenance: It is imposed by laws and regulations so it is necessary to comply with the stipulated frequencies of action.
  • Conductive maintenance: It consists of a set of basic tasks which are carried out periodically in installations. This periodicity depends upon several factors such as: daily consumption of machines, visual inspections, cleanliness, lubrication, tightening bolt force, start up system verifications,…etc.
  • Improvement maintenance: It consists of focusing the tasks on improving machines performance as well as general operation of certain parts of the installation. Energy saving, for instance: pump drives.
  • Predictive maintenance: It mainly consists of the acquisition of information to know the state and operation of installations perfectly through the knowledge of variables. Certain values lie in the potential issues there might be at the installation; for instance: high engine consumption.

Our Maintenance Division is devoted to offer on site services to cover all your needs.





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