Energy efficient solutions using the latest technologies to ensure your installations run smoothly

We offer the expertise and resources to undertake projects of any size: from conception to operational handover focused on optimum energy and cost efficiency.

Our team of certified technicians will find the best solutions to suit your needs. Working along with our project department, they take charge of defining integral solutions on initial diagnosis and implement them.
Software skills along with practical experience allows us to produce the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly installations compared to traditional air conditioning systems
Arce Clima´s reputation for installations is based on our project management systems, scale and experience. Over 10000 installations carried out over 25 countries and 3 continents prove our strong record of supplier and logistics management.
Our long-term relationships with large corporations have been sustained for integrated services and asset life cycle solutions to extend the lifespan of your installations.

We offer integrated solutions to our clients based on the characteristics of each building. Engineering integrates with Project Management, upgrade services to building owners to solve problems and deliver optimum quality with environmental outcomes.


Let us know what your project is about and we will visit your premises and check the location and its availability. If the project is feasible, a complete report is written to determine what the most adequate solutions are as well as cost estimation for the installation


Do you need help with an installation which is not working properly? Arce Clima offer Specialist Complementary solutions to solve potential problems your installations may have had.


Our Engineering division uses its design expertise to meticulously solve the most complex issues in your workspace. Based on the conclusions, our Project Managers start developing measures for improvements and our skilled technicians execute what has been agreed by both departments.

Our cutting edge designs can identify critical points in the initial study phase which allows us to anticipate in the decision making process to the design during the project. Therefore, when carrying out the installation, the performance becomes far more efficient when it comes to assembly.

Below is a brief list of the services we provide:

  • 3D Modeling and Design Coordination
  • Preconstruction Services and Planning
  • BIM Installations
  • LEED Certifications
  • Retrofits & Upgrades
  • Systems Evaluation/Comparison and Economic Analysis

Our international reach allow us to efficiently roll out upgrades and works across any country in the world. Skilled in developing and installing the latest Industrial and Commercial systems, Arce Clima´s highly skilled technicians have managed to reach client relationships over 25 years.

Today, our installations use of up-to-date information through BIM technologies. It allows us drive next generation solutions, maximize our effectiveness, streamline interaction between our departments and add value to our installations. have become much more complex involving Risk Assessments and Safe Work Method Statements required by the tasks undertaken. Thus, avoiding potential hazards on a procedural basis is key for us in order to reduce risks to all parties.


We offer a comprehensive service in order to guarantee absolute accuracy at your installations. We cover any requirement made which allows us optimize time and resources when it comes to tackling maintenance works.

Our large fleet or service vans are able to attend minor moves, changes and emergency breakdowns at short notice. Many of our long-term clients have strict and critical response times. That is why we can provide employees to work permanently on premises.

Within the maintenance actions we carry out, there are:

  • Legal technical maintenance: It is imposed by laws and regulations so it is necessary to comply with the stipulated frequencies of action.
  • Conductive maintenance: It consists of a set of basic tasks which are carried out periodically in installations. This periodicity depends upon several factors such as: daily consumption of machines, visual inspections, cleanliness, lubrication, tightening bolt force, start up system verifications,…etc.
  • Improvement maintenance: It consists of focusing the tasks on improving machines performance as well as general operation of certain parts of the installation. Energy saving, for instance: pump drives.
  • Predictive maintenance: It mainly consists of the acquisition of information to know the state and operation of installations perfectly through the knowledge of variables. Certain values lie in the potential issues there might be at the installation; for instance: high engine consumption.

Our Maintenance Division is devoted to offer on site services to cover all your needs.