Maintenance works in the grocery industry


Supermarket HVAC is a large industry in Europe. It is in constant growth and the pandemic has demonstrated the importance of keeping these facilities well managed. In 2018, this industry grew 2.3%, turnover crashed 110 billion according to Sectorial Observatory DBK by Informa.

From the HVAC and industrial cooling point of view, a quality preventative programme is essential to maintaining your refrigeration and HVAC equipment at peak efficiency. Arce Clima engage in two fields: commercial and industrial buildings. That is why, at the moment, Arce Clima cover over 50 commercial premises which will be described below.

Customised preventative maintenance plans: sustainability in business

Working towards long-term goals is what sustainability is all about. Volatility in energy markets keep energy-dependant and conservation practices not only benefit the environment, but also businesses.

A standard-sized supermarket is around 5000 squared metres and an annual electricity bill   130.000€. Its refrigeration costs are the main ones at the installation, that is why energy efficiency remains key to have low operational costs.

Currently, Arce Clima are responsible for over 50 large supermarkets all over Spain. This includes but is not limited to complete commercial refrigeration and HVAC services: design, service repairs, energy management, preventative maintenance

Arce Clima provide a complete range of refrigeration services and equipment to serve supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and cold facilities of all sizes. We also customise a preventative plan based upon your needs and budget. This preventative program includes:

  • Preventative maintenance works
  • Corrective maintenance works
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • Repairs&Service

Periodicity and work methodology: monitoring our facilities through CMMS

Preventative maintenance service is run by Arce Clima using monitoring systems from basic monitoring data to auto-adaptive systems. We usually use two different levels of monitoring:

  • Basic monitoring system which features hardware devices and purpose-developed software programme – CMMS.
  • Remote management which allows for better possibilities of optimisation not only because we can access to the monitoring system but also for the parameters that can be adjusted at operating times, set points and alarm thresholds.

Our CMMS provides the necessary information to be carried out on components and ensure the sharing capabilities between the building management system and other monitoring systems.

Monitoring data, service checks and maintenance records should be kept in a recognised format that is easily accessible (for example a spreadsheet, table, and charts).Key monitoring parameters should all be available through one access point. Remote and local access to monitoring parameters should be available, and service and maintenance staff must be familiar with their location.

If you would like to learn more about our Maintenance services in the grocery industry, just leave us a comment below!

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