October 2019
Pontevedra, Spain
Control systems, HVAC

BeOne Campolongo Building received a refurbishment to upgrade the existing facilities to provide gym members and staff with a new sports centre.

The existing building was rebuilt to a new design to host a 600 sq metres gym, spa, swimming pools, dressing rooms, lounge and hall.


What’s the ideal temperature in a sports centre?

Before we started the installation, it was very important to set the right temperature since sport activities require special conditions in terms of air renovation and performance. According to the American Sports Medicine School, the ideal temperature in a gym should be around 20 and 22 degrees Celsius. Therefore, our mission for this project was to keep the exercise rooms within that temperature range.

Arce Clima was engaged by Campolongo to supply and install the following electrical, communications, climate control and security works:

● Planning, engineering design and execution of the climate control installation.

● Supply and installation of water chillers and fan coils

● Design, development and implementation of a Scada system

● General LV Power Installation

● Distribution Boards and Main Switchboard with sub-mains installation across the project

● Investigation of existing systems to ensure new design parameters could be met safely


Importance of control systems and development of Scada

Climate control in a sports centre plays a key role regarding the users performance and experience regarding two pivotal aspects: humidity and sweat. These two elements require systems which are capable of filtering and renovating the indoor air efficiently. For this installation, Arce Clima chose an Airlan FMP232 which supplies the right amount of fresh air to indoor rooms and a low electrical consumption.

One of the main drawbacks that arose during the project was getting all the monitoring points for the comfort of each room. Arce Clima designed a control system meeting the sports centre needs which set an automata able to receive 116 analog inputs, 44 analog outputs, 80 digital outputs, 80 digital inputs, 2 communication ports Modbus RTU. One of them is used for an automata expander board due to the great amount of signals transmitted.

Once the control structure was designed, programming works were next. Considering the complexity of the sports centre, Arce Clima designed a bespoke solution to provide each room with the right temperature conditions. A detailed programming was done with multiple settable parameters to make each element of the installation work under the required conditions.

Image module
Image module
Image module
Image module

Next step was the most important one: designing a management tool which allows to set and supervise each of the parameters previously programmed. This issue was overcome with a Scada system which focused on projecting many different graphs which allowed Campolongo users know first hand the state of each room with a quick glimpse. A SQL database was also created with a great amount of historical data to perform exhaustive analysis of information at the installation.

The works were completed on time and within budget with successful outcomes. Currently Arce Clima are negotiating more projects with Campolongo due to the client satisfaction in this project.