August 2016
A Coruña, Spain
Control systems, HVAC

Zara Flagship store in A Coruna located in downtown of the city, underwent a refurbishment as a part of Inditex plan to further improve the stores in the area.

The building hosts now a Gold LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Enviornmental Design) due to the Engineering desing, HVAC installation and an efficient control system implementation.

Scope of works for this project was:

● Detailed High end lighting installation to the whole building

● Main Switchboard, Submains and Distribution boards

● Structured Cabling network

● Audio visual cabling installation

● Access for the installation of Main Switchboard in bio box switch room in an existing cold shell site

● Supply and installation of air cooled chillers, thermal storage, CRAC units, BMS and dehumidification units.

● Supply and installation of full mechanical equipment including chillers, boilers, aiur handling units

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In order to monitor such a huge venue, it was necessary to design a bespoke solution to control air conditions and room temperatures at all times.

The main switchboard plays a pivotal role since we managed to unify all the needs in one single system. This main switchboard takes care of:

Air conditions: air quality, temperature, humidity on different floors, 4 sale areas, 2 for warehouses and staff areas covering 4375 sq metres

Correct performance of air units, in this case VRV Hitachi was chosen with over 53 indoor units to provide climate control in the whole building

Register of electrical consumption to check that a correct use of energy is done.

Success of the installation resides in the adequate programming of the main switchboard, allowing for ideal climate control conditions in the building, keeping low electrical consumption levels.

Works were completed in August 2016, this large project required the highest level of communication, management and resources. The building was awarded with a Gold Leed Certification due to the HVAC upgrades for energy efficiency.

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