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Flagship store in Ópera, París

Flagship store in Ópera, París

Arce Climate carried out the climate control installation of Zara Opera which is located in the heart of Paris.

Arce Clima performed this 4000 square metres project in a historical building which was being renovated while the works took place. Vital to this process was the interaction with the concept designer which allowed us to choose the best system alternatives and ultimately implement them.

The construction had t start before the design was complete. A major challenge on this project was that the design required that the smoke extraction grills are not visible after numerous owner changes which were incorporated into the design and construction. In fact, due to rapidness and expertise of the team, we managed to finish the project within 6 months according to schedule.

Today, one can enjoy a flagship store of Zara group in the centre of Paris.

Date of work: 2017

Country: United Kingdom


2 Rue Halévy
75009 Paris

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