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Solar energy

A renewable energy which can be the perfect complement for an efficient and environmentally friendly electromechanical installation.

In the first phase, calculations of the energetic needs of the installation are made in terms of energy supply. Also, the necessary area to absorb the energy coming from the Sun is analyzed to determine how much energy can be taken.

If the installation is feasible, a global project is made and this solution is incorporated to continue to the next phase.

Concerning solar thermal electricity, the key lies in the fact that it can take advantage of the energy released by the Sun so it can convert it into heat for consumption purposes.

Through solar panels, heat is collected and then it can have a domestic or industrial use, depending on the type of installation. Hence, heating installations with hot water for sanitary use or cooling installations which make refrigeration premises work through absorption can be two relevant uses of Solar Energy.

A clean, renewable energy which has strongly evolved over the years. It may have only one drawback which is the fact that it is not a continuous energy as, at times, it needs another source of energy  to support it when Solar Energy is not available.


Thermal solar panels

Thermal solar panels

Thermal solar panels for the heating and sanitary hot water installation.
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