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The electrical installation of a building is a key element for all the components present in the premises to work perfectly. In each project, design, dimensioning and calculations of the electrical installation are undertaken considering its residential use. Moreover, constructive features, elements which need to be added and technical means are also taken into consideration.

We have been developing electrical supply projects, climate control and fire protection installations over the last two decades. Design and engineering associated to the project are taken on as well as the necessary works for the installation.

What type of installations are we able to tackle?

Climate control installations

We are a highly qualified team who can carry out the whole electrical installation of any climate control project. The following elements will always be part of these installations:

  • Power panel: responsible for supplying energy to the machines installed. At this stage, it is fundamental to make accurate calculations of its different elements in order to attain a secure protection of the equipment as well as its correct operation
  • Control board: it regulates all the control elements of the machines incorporated into the installation as well as different measurement equipment set up to carry out correct adjustment of these. Therefore, this control board is responsible for searching for the optimal working point of all elements. That is why an appropriate choice of system remains highly important as it is going to determine the efficiency and performance of the installation.
  • Field elements: they are formed by different production units , terminal units and control elements which each installation is equipped with. These machines are supplied by the power panel integrated by the control board


Among the various services we provide along with our partner Osmos are:

  • Low voltage electricity
  • Medium and high voltage electricity
  • Telecommunications, public address systems and intercom
  • Special installations
  • Building control systems and facility management
  • Photovoltaic generation


Electric installation at warehouses for clothing storage

Electric installation at warehouses for clothing storage

Setting up warehouses for clothing storage
Mechanical control

Mechanical control

Mechanical control which takes care of the daily start of the machines at the installation (production units, pump groups, terminal units…)
Electronic control

Electronic control

Installation which has a set of universal controllers which allows for the control of different parameters. One of the loops controls temperature and humidity in different rooms in the building and the other loop will be used to control air quality conditions at all times.
Climate control board

Climate control board

Control centralized system , capable of managing the whole installation incorporating temperature sensors in supply air ducts of all units and temperature sensors in each area
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