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Industrial refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration encompasses refrigeration machines design and implementation. Over the last decades, industrial refrigeration industry has focused on improving energy efficiency and launching new control systems which allow for their monitoring.

However, minimizing the release of polluting gases to the atmosphere has been the key requirement.

Generally, processes in which Arce Clima are involved regarding industrial refrigeration are:

  • Cooling systems for refrigeration chambers found in industrial warehouses for frozen food.
  • Cooling control centers
  • Cabinet refrigeration for perishable products.
  • Refrigeration industrial systems.

Installers and manufacturers have been working on minimizing the emission of gases into the atmosphere for many years as they can be a potential risk for the environment. This is the direction we would like to take as energy saving solutions such as producing cold at off peak hours, accumulating it and using it at peak times (kw/h) when the price is high.

Special mention to CO2 , as cascade refrigerating with ammoniac or R134A due to its great energy saving compared to other refrigerants as well as the installation  of compressors for frequency inverters. For this reason, high efficiency is achieved along with condensation and floating evaporation


Clean room

Clean room

Workrooms and cold rooms for food handling of perishable items. It must be complied according to Health Technical Regulations.
Commercial refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration

Refrigeration units for freezing and storing food in supermarkets.
Freezing tunnels

Freezing tunnels

Freezing tunnels and blast chillers: use of low temperature for food preservation.
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