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Geothermal energy

The potential of geothermal energy is huge and can be used both in buildings with great energy requirements such as hospitals, hotels and offices; or constructions with lower demand of energy such as single-family homes.

It is not a new technology, it was born more than a year ago. However, the first installation with a geothermal pump in the Commonwealth Building (Portland) was in 1948. The building is known as the Equitable Building and it was a modern construction and pioneer for its time.

Ever since, the use of geothermal energy at installations has evolved strongly.

How does it work?

Low temperature exploitation systems (less than 150ºC), which use heat directly obtained from energy or transferred through heat pumps even under 20º C.

At these installations, it is the subsoil which provides energy and through heat pumps, they are integrated in the heating hot water sanitary and refrigeration circuits

Design of buildings includes new bioclimatic criteria in each project which aims to minimize the demand of energy. In spite of this, it is still highly necessary to cover in an efficient way and with the greatest respect towards the environment, a pivotal energetic supply to achieve the comfort level at installations.


Geothermal energy installation

Geothermal energy installation

Geothermal Energy installation in order to use the hot water circuit for the climate control installation
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